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AIM Solutions for
Residential For Sale Property

AIM digital marketing finds more buyers online. There is an AIM package for every property.


Buyers use the internet & social media extensively when buying property.


A smart investment for any property seller

Using the world’s most powerful marketing platforms, AIM creates much more awareness, and attracts more buyers to your listing.


Reach a wider audience beyond property websites using more ad channels.


Generate thousands more views of your property’s listing.


Target active buyers, optimised for your property’s location & type.


Find passive buyers, who represent a substantial percentage of all sales and are often premium buyers willing to pay a higher price.


Advanced ad targeting including retargeting & special interest targeting including exclusive retargeting, special interest targeting and even out of area targeting that can include international locations.


AIM is the most advanced solution in-market with more features & capability. We're #1 for a reason.


AIM has the most advanced targeting capabilities in the market

Targeting determines who will see your ads and is an essential element in all digital marketing campaigns. AIM has the most advanced targeting capabilities in the market and is fully automated. No other form of marketing more effective at reaching more buyers in a such a cost effective way.


Be seen more often, in more places online.

AIM's partnerships with both Google and Facebook's Meta - two of the biggest digital advertising channels in the world – means our solution will always be best practice and utilise the latest technologies from these marketing powerhouses. AIM delivers a higher return on investment.


Clients hitting the mark with AIM

AIM reaches buyers where their eyes are looking the most

"Gone are the days when the whole family piles in the car to drive around looking for signboards, these days our buyers are spending over 8 hours a day looking at a screen. We also love the included Sold DL feature that allows us to advertise our clients success."


Jess Smith
Principal / Sales | Stone RE

Connecting us with potential sellers and elevating the profile of our agents & office

"Switching to AIM was the best thing that we could have done as we’ve found it to be the best product in the market. AIM uses all Google and Facebook to find the right buyers and sellers all whose promoting Harcourts Titanium as the remarketing is exclusive to our office. We are HUGE AIM advocates and wouldn’t use anything else!"


Dean Edmonds
Owner & Branch Manager | Harcourts Titanium

Best way to campaign for yourself and properties you’re selling

"The best way to profile yourself is to promote the property you’re selling. Put a bloody big AIM campaign on it."


Heather Walton
Licensee Agent / Principal | Ray White Epsom